New Hampshire Speeding Laws


     Since speeding tickets are seen as a fairly common occurrence, many people don't dispute the charges and just pay the fine. When you are accused of committing motor vehicle offenses, you should know your rights and legal options. If you received a speeding ticket, we  law infractions can offer valuable advice.

A Criminal Defense Attorney on Speeding Statute in New Hampshire

     New Hampshire speeding statute RSA 265:60 states that a person shouldn't drive at a speed faster than is reasonable based on the actual and potential hazards that exist. The person should be able to control the speed of the vehicle in order to avoid colliding with people, vehicles, and other forms of transportation on the road. It is everyone's duty to exercise due care and remain in compliance with legal requirements.

   As our criminal defense attorneys will tell you, the type of punishment you receive for speeding depends on the circumstances of the incident and the number of miles you were traveling above the speed limit. The fines assessed for speeding tickets tend to increase based on how much you exceeded the specified speed limit. Even though speeding is considered a minor infraction, demerit points will be added to your driving record and could contribute to you being certified as a Habitual Offender.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Fights Traffic Tickets

     You have the right to hire a criminal defense attorney and defend yourself in court if you get a speeding ticket. We will evaluate your case and the legal issues involved. An experienced attorney will find out if the radar used to measure your speed was properly calibrated or if the police officer was properly trained and certified to handle the equipment. Your attorney will also figure out other factors that may help you achieve a positive outcome in the case.

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