Disorderly Conduct in New Hampshire


     The types of actions that constitute disorderly conduct are extensive. In general, if the police believe that you are being disruptive, creating a safety hazard or inciting violence in a public place, you can be arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Even if you don't think your behavior is harming anyone, law enforcement will use its discretion to decide if your actions embody a criminal act. Due to the subjective nature of this type of law, you should seek assistance from a criminal defense attorney if you are charged with disorderly conduct. 

New Hampshire Disorderly Conduct Law

Under New Hampshire statute RSA 644:2, an individual is guilty of disorderly conduct by:

  • Knowingly creating hazardous conditions in public that serve no legitimate purpose
  • Fighting or engaging in violent or threatening behavior in public
  • Directing obscene or offensive words at a person in a public place that would likely provoke a violent reaction from an ordinary person
  • Obstructing traffic on a public street or sidewalk or entrance of a public building
  • Engaging in conduct in public that substantially interferes with a criminal investigation or the administration of emergency services

     There are additional provisions included in New Hampshire's Disorderly Conduct statute. If you have a pending case, a criminal defense attorney can provide a detailed explanation of the law and the allegations being made by the prosecutor. Even though the charges may appear frivolous, you should consult with a lawyer to find out about your legal options.

     Disorderly conduct is often considered the "catch all" statute for law enforcement officers.  However, since the provisions of the statute are so broad, there is usually an opportunity for a criminal defense lawyer to dispute the validity of the charges and pinpoint weaknesses in the prosecutor's case. We can investigate the event that transpired and decide if there is a good chance to either get the charges reduced or dismissed. Once you discuss the allegations with us, you can make a fully informed decision regarding how you want to approach the case.

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