Rusty Chadwick


Roger "Rusty" Chadwick is a master at finding the themes to weave together a convincing case.

One of the best ways to tell if a lawyer is any good is to see whether those who once went up against him come to hire him when they need help once again. Several individuals whom Rusty prosecuted (and even put in prison) have either hired him directly or regularly refer friends and family to him.

This is why rather than just saying goodbye, Rusty likes to smile and say  "Be good but, if you can't be good, call me".

With over 25 years of experience but the fight and enthusiasm of a lawyer right out of law school, Attorney Roger Chadwick relishes finding creative ways to solve problems. Known by the moniker "Rusty" by most everyone in New Hampshire courts, he and his Yellow Lab, Ruby, enjoy driving around the Granite State to defend your rights in criminal and family courts or checking out the scenes of alleged crimes. Besides the 'home' courts in Nashua and Manchester, they regularly travel to Rockingham, Grafton and Cheshire County Superior Courts and even up to Lebanon District Court.


Rusty started his legal career as a law student in Haverhill, Massachusetts hired to help on the case of one of the co-defendant's in the Pamela Smart murder case. He then worked as a Public Defender where he was trained by the very best lawyers in New Hampshire. In his decade as a prosecutor, many of his convictions were appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Several judges on the Supreme Court were the trial judges in Atty. Chadwick's cases. He rose to become the First Assistant to the County Attorney where he ran a CyberCrime Task Force that used Internet stings to arrest more than fifty individuals seeking to meet children online. He has often been called upon to conduct criminal law trainings at the local and statewide level.

Chadwick court

As part of his prosecution work, he received several awards including "The CyberCrime Prosecutor of the Year" by the Attorney General's Office and other awards from the Hillsborough Child Advocacy Center for his work defending children who were abused. That includes for a daycare sexual abuse investigation that resulted in successful convictions. He has handled several cases involving ten or more victims or potential victims. When he visits the State Prison to meet potential new clients, he often walks past individuals who will be there for the next few decades due, in part, to his work as a prosecutor.

As a result of all that work, Rusty, as a defense lawyer, knows what the other side is thinking and how they will view your case. He defends everything from murder cases to simple motor vehicle cases and also cases involving drugs, child pornography, sexual assaults, physical assaults, guns, DWI.... you name it.

Besides his State and Federal criminal defense work, Rusty takes on many types of family law cases. Like many other lawyers, Rusty did not initially intend to engage in divorce and custody cases but he kept receiving referrals and realized how much a good common sense lawyer was needed to stop the drama and keep everyone calm and focused on the children in custody battles or on the big picture in alimony cases. He views family cases not as a way to bill clients until they are out of money but as way to encourage quick solutions rather than encouraging messy and wasteful fights. He is also starting to take on interesting civil and injury actions that intrigue him. If he is not able to help you, he knows another good lawyer who might have the skills you need. Feel free to call Atty. Chadwick to discuss your case or the trials of hunting, fishing, preaching at a church or running a Boy Scout troop.