A Criminal Defense Lawyer on New Hampshire Bail Hearings

     Getting arrested and dealing with a bail hearing can be confusing and overwhelming. You will understandably have questions about the cost of posting bail and how soon you can go home. A knowledgeable attorney can discuss the charges filed against you and what will transpire during the bail hearing.

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Different Types of Bail

     There are three types of bail in New Hampshire. If the court grants a personal recognizance bail,the only money you will pay is a forty dollar bail commissioner fee.  You will be ordered to pay a certain amount of money if you don't appear at the future court date or violate other terms of being released on bail. Cash bail means that you must pay the entire bail amount in cash. When the case has concluded, the cash will be returned. If the court agrees to cash or a surety bond, you must either provide the specific bail amount in full or use a bail bondsman who will post the bail for a fee. Our experienced lawyers can answer any questions you have regarding how to post bail and the conditions associated with being released from custody.

What the Lawyers from Chadwick-Fricano-Weber Consider during Bail Hearings

     One of the most important issues the court must reconcile is whether the person is a flight risk. The court wants to be assured that the person will appear at the designated hearing dates. The court must also decide if the person is a risk to himself or others. This is a major issue when the criminal charges include assault or other violent actions towards individuals. If the person has a history of violating bail conditions or previous convictions for violent crimes, it may be more difficult to get a favorable decision at the conclusion of the bail hearing.

     A skilled criminal defense attorney can utilize certain tactics that will help you during the bail hearing. We can provide information regarding your connections to the community and status of employment to demonstrate that you won't be a flight risk. If you have a previous criminal record, your lawyer can let the court know that you always showed up for hearings and complied with the terms of probation, if applicable.

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