Bail Jumping


Bail Jumping

     When you are charged with a criminal offense, the State insists that you agree to certain conditions and possibly you will be required to post a certain amount of cash while your case is pending.  If you violate the rules of your bail, and/or if you fail to appear at court or some other required hearing, you could be charged with the offense of bail jumping.

     RSA 642:8 describes the various scenarios which can result in a bail jumping charge.  The factors are complex, but essentially, depending on the level of offense for which you  have posted bail, an additional charge can be added if you, "jump bail."  For example, if you are charged with a criminal offense of disorderly conduct as a class A misdemeanor, and if you fail to appear in court for your trial, you can be charged with an additional class A misdemeanor charge of bail jumping.  The same scenario is true for both class A and class B felonies.  Importantly, if you are on bail for a class B misdemeanor, which is not a an offense which would result in incarceration, and if you fail to appear, you can be charged with a class A misdemeanor.  A class A misdemeanor is punishable by 12 months in the house of corrections and a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars.

     One of the many advantages you will have by retaining an attorney from Chadwick Fricano and Weber is that we make sure you have advanced notification for all of your court dates.  We mail court notices upon receipt. Often times our secretary will call you with a courtesy reminder.  Email is always an option for people who do not like to waste paper.  We do not want our clients to miss court dates.  Failures to appear hinders our ability to obtain the best possible result.  

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