Breath Tests

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Breath Tests in New Hampshire

     Breath tests are used to determine the blood alcohol content of persons suspected of drunk driving. There are two types of breath tests administered in the state of New Hampshire: a Preliminary Breath Test and a Post-Arrest Breath Test. Our attorneys have experience working on cases where both of these tests have been used.

The Preliminary Breath Test


A Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) is typically administered by a member of law enforcement when a person has been pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. These tests are usually administered on the side of the road once the driver has been stopped. Officers use a portable device that suspects are asked to blow into. The device will then read the suspect's blood alcohol content.

     The portable devices used in Preliminary Breath Tests are so unreliable that a number of states do not allow evidence of the test results to be admitted in court. Some courts in New Hampshire unfortunately does allow evidence of these unreliable tests. However our attorneys have been successful in excluding evidence of PBTs  in various cases.  If you are stopped and asked to do a Preliminary Breath Test, you have two options. You can either proceed with the test or you can elect not to take it.

     If you choose to proceed with the test, hopefully the results will show that you are not intoxicated and you will be allowed to continue with your day. If the test results do show that you are intoxicated, don't panic. Allow the officers to arrest you then call our us.

Post-Arrest Breath Test

     A Post-Arrest Breath Test is usually administered at the police station. Suspects arrested for DWI will be asked to blow into the machine. The machine will then measure the suspect's blood alcohol content. Unlike Preliminary Breath Tests, the results of these tests can be much more accurate. Many judges rely on these test results when making a determination in a DWI case. If you fail a Post-Arrest Breath Test, don't be alarmed. Contact us for help.

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