Computer Crimes


 Computer Crimes

    Computer crimes in New Hampshire cover a variety of topics from soliciting minors for sex via internet chat rooms, viewing and downloading child pornography to complex "white collar crimes" involving theft and identity fraud.  This emerging area of law is changing as fast as the new technologies become available to the public.  The legal issues and and applicable defenses in computer crime cases involve some of the most complex questions of search and seizure and right to privacy in the criminal justice system.  These cases often involve months if not years of legal investigation by the prosecuting agencies.  Quite often, there are multi-jurisdictional search warrants for computer records which are located in other states.  There may be a need for expert witnesses and independent analyses of computer hard drives to search for clues or pieces of a defense.  

     The penalties associated with a conviction are enormous.  Quite often, a first time offender who is convicted of simple possession of child pornography can face multiple years of incarceration.  If you have been charged with a computer related crime, you should immediately contact the Law Office of Chadwick -Fricano- Weber at 603-880-6100.

     Attorney "Rusty" Chadwick has extensive experience with both prosecuting and defending computer crime related cases, and he will be able to thoroughly analyze all applicable legal defenses for your case.