Criminal Mischief and Vandalism in New Hampshire

Criminal mischief vandalism

     Slashing the tires on someone's car, throwing a rock through a window, and spraying graffiti on a building are various examples of criminal mischief. The value of the property damage determines if a person will face felony or misdemeanor charges. Understanding the charges filed against you and the legal process can be quite complicated. As a result, you should consult with a criminal defense lawyer who can explain the legal proceedings.New Hampshire Criminal Mischief Laws

     According to New Hampshire RSA 634:2, criminal mischief occurs when a person intentionally or recklessly damages someone else's property when they have no right to do so nor do they have a reasonable basis for believing they have the right. Criminal mischief is a class A misdemeanor if the person purposely caused or attempted to cause property damage that costs at least $100 but doesn't exceed $1,500.

     Criminal mischief is classified as a class B felony if the property damage exceeds $1,500; the act of vandalism causes a substantial disruption of public services; a firearm is discharged in an occupied structure; or the damaged property has historical, cultural, or sentimental value and it can't be repaired or replaced.

     A criminal defense lawyer will tell you, the type of restitution and punishment ordered by the court depends on the circumstances of the case. For instance, a person who purposely or recklessly damages an emergency vehicle is liable for fully compensating the injury party for the loss. If a person uses a motor vehicle to perform the criminal mischief, the court can suspend the driver's license for up to 90 days. The court may also demand payment of additional court fees and the misdemeanor will be listed on the person's criminal record.

A Defense Attorney Will Fight The Criminal Mischief Charges

     A criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling criminal mischief cases know that sometimes people make mistakes or are wrongfully charged. By investigating the case, a he can advise you of the best way to proceed. Based on the circumstances, it may be in the client's best interests to fight the charges or negotiate a settlement with the prosecutor. Our experienced lawyers will work closely with you to help you make a fully informed decision regarding how to approach the case.

Seek Legal Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

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