DUI-Checklist-What Happens When I am Stopped

1. Don't tell the cops how much you've had to drink.

You have the right to remain silent.  Do not offer any information that could be used against you in future court proceedings. 

2. Don't take field sobriety tests.

Field sobriety tests are 100% voluntary. Even if you are ultimately arrested for DUI, the lack of field sobriety tests will help us defend your case. 

3.Don't take a portable breath test.  


You don't have to take it. It doesn't help you, it helps the State gather evidence which will be used against you during a trial.  The devices are unreliable, and they are unreliable. Just say no.

4. The moment you feel uncomfortable ask to speak with a DUI attorney.

Once you ask for an attorney when you are under arrest, the police are supposed to stop questioning you and take reasonable steps to get you an attorney.

5. Remain calm and respectful to the police

Try to remain calm and hold your tongue. If you don't your actions will be used against you later.