First Degree Assault in New Hampshire



In New Hampshire, First Degree Assault is defined as any of the following:

A person is guilty of a class A felony if he: 

       (a) Purposely causes serious bodily injury to another; or 
       (b) Purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon
       (c) Purposely or knowingly causes injury to another resulting in miscarriage or stillbirth; or 
       (d) Knowingly or recklessly causes serious bodily injury to a person under 13 years of age. 

     There are a few yet, important subtle differences between first and second degree assault.  First degree assault is a class A felony so the penalty range is increased from 3 1/2-7 years to 7 1/2-15 years.  Also, you will see that the mental states required for the commission for each offense are different. For example, subparagraph (a) above requires a mental state of purposely.  For second degree assault, the requisite mental state is recklessly. Questions of intent can become very complicated, and our team of skilled legal experts can help you understand these issues and how they may translate into a possible defense.

     During June of 2015, Attorney Chadwick and Attorney Weber successfully defended a client who was accused of first degree assault.  Our client was accused of stabbing a person multiple times.  At the end of the case, he walked out of the courtroom a free man.

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