New Hampshire Criminal Trespass


     Criminal trespass occurs when an individual knowingly enters or stays in a place without permission or consent. When a prosecutor pursues a case for criminal trespass, it must be proven that the defendant knew or had the intent to enter private property. If you are facing criminal trespass charges, it is important to have an experienced criminal defense lawyer represent you. A criminal defense attorney possesses the skills needed to protect your rights and help you reach a positive resolution in the case.

Criminal Trespass Statute in New Hampshire

     Knowingly entering and remaining in any place without the privilege or license to do so is considered a misdemeanor if it occurs in an occupied structure or secured premises. An individual also commits misdemeanor criminal trespass by entering or staying in a place after receiving notice from the property owner or authorized person to leave the premises; or if the trespass occurs after the individual received a restraining order that prohibits him from entering the premises.

     A person is guilty of a class B felony if he knowingly enters the premises and intentionally or recklessly causes more than $1,500 in damages to someone else's property. Other types of criminal trespass are classified as violations. Penalties for violations include paying a fine and other court fees. Punishment for a class B felony or a misdemeanor could include fines and being incarcerated for a specified period of time.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Defenses in Criminal Trespass Cases

     You should seek help from a criminal defense lawyer regardless of whether you are wrongfully accused or purposely entered the property. We will be able to explain the charges and provide insight into your case. By performing an investigation into the incident and reviewing the evidence provided by the prosecutor, a  lawyer can assert an effective legal strategy. It may be possible for a criminal defense lawyer to get the charges dropped or obtain a favorable settlement in the case.

Get Legal Advice from a Criminal Defense Attorney

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