Prescription Medications and DWI

    A few months ago, a licensed doctor driving her car through a storefront window. Many people speculated that perhaps she suffered a medical emergency that caused her to lose control of her vehicle. It was later discovered that the doctor was under the influence of prescription drugs.

     Prescription and over the counter drug abuse is a serious problem in this country. Every year thousands of people die or cause harm to others in their impaired state. We  will tell you that the New Hampshire legislature addressed these concerns by expanding the definition of DUI. In January 2013, New Hampshire's legislature extended the


laws regarding DUI to include people under the influence of prescription drugs, over the counter medications, or any other controlled substance that impairs a person's ability to drive. This means that a person who is pulled over for impaired driving can be arrested and charged with DUI even without the use of alcohol.

Defending these New DUI Cases

     The approach to defending DUI cases involving the use of prescription drugs or other controlled substances is not much difference than the approach used to defend persons accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. The burden of proof is the same and these defendants have the same defenses available as any other DUI defendant. An experienced DUI attorney can evaluate your case and discuss with you any potential defenses that you may have available.

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