Sexual Assault Crimes

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Sexual Assault Crimes in New Hampshire

     Sexual Assault and aggravated sexual assault are some of the most serious criminal offenses in New Hampshire.  The social stigma attached to a sexual assault charge can last long after a case is resolved. Even defendants who are eventually able to clear their name suffer unfair judgment from society.

     If you have been accused of either sexual assault or aggravated felonious sexual assault, it is essential that you contact a criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your case. The sooner you get in contact with a lawyer, the sooner you can have someone on your side fighting to make sure that your voice is heard and your legal rights are protected.

     Many of these cases present with the most difficult of legal challenges because they often involve allegations of abusing young children.  The legal complexities involved in these types of cases can daunt even the most seasoned and experienced defense attorneys.

     Fortunately, at Chadwick-Fricano-Weber, you will have the opportunity to consult with lawyers who have successfully defended these types of cases. For example, during June of 2015, Attorney Chadwick and Attorney Weber defended a client who was accused of assaulting a child.  It took the jury less than one hour to return a verdict of not guilty.

     The penalties for sexual assault and aggravated felonious sexual assault can be decades of incarceration.  Often times, these allegations are part of a pattern indictment, in which the defendant is accused of committing various sexual assaults over a long period of time.  Pattern indictments can be layered with a variety of legal defenses and challenges. 

A Criminal Defense Lawyer on What to Do If You Are Accused of Sexual Assault or Aggravated Felonious Sexual Assault.

     If you are accused of either sexual assault or aggravated felonious sexual assault, there are a few things that you should to do to ensure that your rights remain protected throughout your case.

  1.      Find an attorney that can represent you immediately. Once you have been charged with either one of these crimes, one of the first steps that you should take is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer. There are many issues that arise in these cases and most evidence is gathered within the first 48 hours of the alleged incident. It is absolutely vital that you retain an attorney as early in the process as possible.
  2.      Do not speak to the police or any other investigator without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney. In many cases, police officers will attempt to elicit an incriminating statement from the accused without the presence of legal counsel. It is your constitutional right to be represented by counsel during all “critical stages” of your criminal proceeding. This includes any interrogations. If the police ask you to make a statement or ask you to answer questions regarding the case, stop immediately and request to have counsel present.
  3.      Do not attempt to contact the complaining witness.  If you know the alleged victim, do not under any circumstances attempt to make any contact. Doing so can be misinterpreted as an attempt to threaten or intimidate your accuser, and such action could lead to an additional charge of witness tampering.  There is likely nothing you can say to your accuser that would help your case. If you have concerns that you need to express, consult with your criminal defense attorney.
  4.      Try to remain calm. Your  natural inclination will be to become angry and belligerent. While this is an understandable reaction, it only serves to hinder your case. You need to find a way to harness your emotions so that you can think clearly and strategically in the days and weeks ahead.
  5.      Only discuss the facts of your case with your attorney. If you have been accused of any crime, do not call your friends to tell your side of the story. Only talk to your criminal defense lawyer about the facts of your case. If the prosecution has reason to believe that you have shared incriminating information with another party, they may attempt to force that party to testify against you in court.

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