Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest

Resisting Arrest or Detention in New Hampshire

     The law in New Hampshire defines resisting arrest as knowingly or purposefully interfering with a law enforcement officer's ability to detain a suspect. When most people think of resisting arrest, they simply think of a person running or fleeing from an officer. While this can be considered resisting arrest, it is not the only time this offense can occur. We have represented clients in cases where seemingly innocent acts have been misinterpreted by law enforcement as an attempt to resist arrest. This is why it is absolutely vital that you retain a criminal defense lawyer if you are accused of resisting arrest. We will fight to defend you against the charge.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer on Defending Against a Charge for Resisting Arrest

     Law enforcement officers' lives are at risk every moment they are on the job. For this reason, they are often on high alert. All too often innocent actions are misinterpreted as a resist by law enforcement officials. 

     It is important to understand that you can be charged with resisting detention for simply walking away from a police officer who has reasonable suspicion to detain you while they are investigating a crime or other public safety concern.  The legal nuances of when a person is detained and not free to terminate a police encounter versus when a citizen may freely end a conversation are the subject of intense legal debate.  All the more reason to contact a skilled legal representative to assist you with these difficult cases.

     Any action that law enforcement perceives as an act of defiance or a threat at the time of arrest can be used as a basis for a resisting arrest charge. If the State decides to file charges against you, your lawyer will need to hear your account of what occurred at the time of arrest. It is important that you are truthful even if you believe you actually did resist. We will need this information to determine how to best proceed with your defense.

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