Second Degree Assault in New Hampshire



Second Degree Assault


In New Hampshire, Second Degree Assault is defined as any of the following:

       (a) Knowingly or recklessly causes serious bodily injury to another; or 
       (b) Recklessly causes bodily injury to another by means of a deadly weapon, except that if the deadly weapon;
       (c) Recklessly causes bodily injury to another under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life; or 
       (d) Purposely or knowingly causes bodily injury to a child under 13 years of age; or 
       (e) Recklessly or negligently causes injury to another resulting in miscarriage or stillbirth; or 
       (f) Purposely or knowingly engages in the strangulation of another. 

     During October of 2016, Attorney Fricano successfully defended a client who was accused of second degree assault.  After deliberating for about two hours the jury returned a finding of not guilty.  Attorney Fricano successfully argued that his client acted in self defense. If you have been accused of second degree assault, please call one of our experienced trial attorneys for a consultation. Contact the Law Office of Chadwick-Fricano-Weber at (603) 880-6100.