Vehicular Assault in New Hampshire


     A motor vehicle is a convenient form of transportation, but it can also seriously injure a person or cause someone's death. Vehicular assault is a criminal offense that can lead to incarceration and other penalties. If you are facing charges of vehicular assault, an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide effective legal representation. An attorney with extensive experience handling these types of cases will evaluate your options and help you make decisions throughout the legal proceedings.

A Criminal Defense Attorney on New Hampshire Vehicular Assault Laws

     Vehicular assault occurs when a driver negligently causes the death or serious bodily injury of someone with the car and the unlawful operation of the car materially contributed to the collision. Evidence that the driver violated the rules of the road is sufficient to establish a case against the driver. Violation of this statute is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine.

     As our criminal attorneys will explain, there are further penalties as well. These include getting six demerit points assigned to your driving record. Vehicular assault is classified as a major motor vehicle conviction that can eventually contribute to getting certified as a Habitual Offender. Committing vehicular assault may also result in the victim filing a civil lawsuit with damages potentially being awarded for the victim's injuries and financial losses.

Get Legal Help from a Criminal Defense Attorney

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