DWI Checkpoint in Nashua, NH, a few tips

DWI Checkpoint

With the approaching holiday weekend, many of us will be tempted to "sample" assorted alcoholic beverages. Please take some time to designate a responsible driver if you will be travelling on the roads. Importantly, there will be a DWI checkpoint in Nashua this weekend. Per State Police policy, the exact time and location of the checkpoint has not been published.

If you are stopped at any checkpoint, please remember that you are not required to answer any questions posed to you by the contact officer. Your only obligation is to provide your license and registration information. If you do not feel comfortable answering questions, simply politely refuse to offer any information.

Also, you are not required to exit your motor vehicle. Many times, an officer will ask you to exit your car to perform, for example, field sobriety tests. This request is completely voluntary, and if you are not sure, ask for clarification. You can ask an officer, "Are you ordering me to exit the vehicle or are you asking me to exit the vehicle?"

If an officer orders you to exit your car, you should immediately comply with that order. Even if you believe that the arrest is unjust or unlawful, the dispute is not going to be resolved on the street. Do exactly as instructed; be courteous and respectful, and after you are released immediately contact an attorney.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!