• Veteran Owned Law Firm: Former Marine, Police Officer and Prosecutors, Ready to serve You!

    Our team includes over forty years of experience from all areas in the criminal justice system. We are a unique law firm that combines Marine Corps leadership experience, award winning prosecution background, detailed preparation, and practical experience from the streets and in the courtroom.

  • Criminal Defense

    We have experience both in and outside of the courtroom that will serve your needs. Our unique aggressive approach focuses on the individual in order to obtain the best result possible. We take pride in personalized service!

  • Family Law

    Attorney Weber and Attorney Chadwick also focus their practice on sensitive and complex family law issues. They combine practical courtroom experience with an understanding about how these issues impact both the individual and family unit. We offer hope and stability during what can be very tumultuous experiences.

September 2017

Finding of Not Guilty

Client was charged with DWI. After a trial, Attorney Fricano convinced the Court to enter a finding of Not Guilty.

September 2017

All Charges Dropped

Client charged with multiple counts of dispensing a controlled drug. After Attorney Chadwick litigated a motion to suppress, the State was forced to drop the charges.

September 2017

Case Dropped

Client charged with an Aggravated DWI with a BAC of .18. Attorney Fricano was able to avoid a DWI conviction for his client. The DWI case was dismissed.

September 2017

Cases Dismissed

Client was charged with possession of marijuana. After filing a motion to suppreses, Attorney Fricano convinced the State to drop the case.

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We have created an 'old-fashioned' law firm that treats clients as we would want our family members to be treated. Thus our motto:

 "We take pride in personalized service."

Why? Because you are more than the 'black and white' of the police reports or the allegations in a divorce complaint. You have a story to tell and plans for life outside of a courtroom. To help insure this, we travel around New Hampshire and parts of Massachusetts defending our clients' rights in criminal and family courts. We understand the stress you will be under. Let us handle the other details necessary to protect you and your family and achieve as favorable an outcome as possible. We will not 'sugarcoat' your situation nor will we allow the 'other side' to unilaterally determine the outcome of your case.

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Our legal services are tailored around the following principles:

  • A service that is diligent and aggressive;
  • A service that is compassionate and that is focused on the client's needs;
  • A service that considers the needs of others when structuring legal fees;
  • A service that is centered upon attention to detail;
  • A service that is responsive to the client's questions and concerns; and
  • A service that is grounded in a variety of professional and personal experiences including:
  • Ten years as a Police Officer;
  • Fifteen Years as Prosecutors
  • Four years as a Marine Corps Officer;
  • Ten years in Family Courts
  • Prior experience leading CyberCrime and other Task Forces
  • Prior award winning experiences as the first assistant in the Hillsborough County Attorney office


“Joseph Fricano represented me on a DWI case and the results were fantastic! We had a trial and I was found Not Guilty! He also got my ALS suspension ceased and I was back on the road in a very short time frame. What impressed me the most about Mr. Fricano was his honest and straight forward attitude. What makes Mr. Fricano a great defense attorney is his endless hard drive and determination to win. He treated me with compassion and respect, and always spoke to me with the truth. I highly recommend Joseph Fricano to anyone who is dealing with a criminal case because I know from experience how hard he works to ensure that his clients get the most favorable results, in the upmost professional manner. Mr Fricano is a very wise choice. He definitely knows his stuff. He also treated me like a person not just another case. I cant say enough good things about him.” K.S.