• Accused of Rape, Not Guilty on All Counts
    Two African-American men accused of raping a White woman in their apartment. Rusty represented the first man to go to trial. Not Guilty on all counts. The case against the second man was dropped.
  • Not Guilty on All Counts
    Man and girlfriend found to have an illegal gun and drugs in their hotel room. Rusty brought the man’s case to trial. Not guilty both counts.
  • Not Guilty Verdict
    Boyfriend and girlfriend argue over car keys. Boyfriend charged with breaking girlfriend's arm. Rusty’s examinations in court resulted in NG verdict.
  • Jury to Find Client Not Guilty
    Man charged with multiple drug sales. Rusty’s pretrial efforts exposed payments to CI. The jury was ready to find the man not guilty but the client’s admissions during his calls from the jail do him in…
  • Client Found Not Guilty of all Sex Charges
    Man charged with giving alcohol to three teenaged runaways then having sex with two of them. Also charged with trying to tamper with evidence while in jail. Rusty’s strategy was to admit the tampering and alcohol charges but challenge everything ...
  • Custody Battle, Rusty Secures Orders for Child to Live with Client
    Custody battle with parents of a young child. Rusty secures orders for the child to live with the client while the other parent is in jail and that child continues to stay with dad when mom gets out of jail.
  • Restraining Order Dismissed, Criminal Case Set to Be Dismissed
    Assault charges, Restraining Order, and Divorce case: Rusty secures the client’s right to return to martial home. Restraining Order is dismissed. Criminal case placed on file to be dismissed.
  • Dismissal of Restraining Order
    Girlfriend files Restraining Order alleging assault by boyfriend on infant child. Rusty’s cross-examination results in the dismissal of the Restraining Order.