A Divorce Lawyer Discusses New Hampshire Divorce Law

     Facing the end of a marriage can be overwhelming. A divorce lawyer can help you understand what will happen when you're ready to file for divorce and take you through every step of the process.

A Divorce Lawyer Explains the First Steps in Filing for Divorce

     If you've made the decision to end your marriage, a Nashua divorce attorney can meet with you to discuss how to get started. One of the first things that must be determined is where to file. As our divorce attorney will explain, jurisdiction is based on where you live. Either you or your spouse must have lived in New Hampshire for at least a year, and you file in the county where you reside. This requirement generally can't be waived.

A Divorce Lawyer Explains Your Initial Filing Requirements

     Once you're ready to file for divorce, your Nashua divorce lawyer will help you prepare a petition or divorce complaint. This document establishes jurisdiction and lays out the major issues in your divorce. Once you've filed your petition, you'll need to make arrangements to serve the paperwork on your spouse. Your divorce attorney can do this for you. Your spouse will then need to make arrangements with their own attorney to formally respond to the complaint. If there are no disputed issues, the parties can generally move to the conclusion rather smoothly.

A Divorce Lawyer Discusses the Types of Issues You'll Need to Decide to Finalize Your Divorce

     The major issues in a divorce are generally property division, custody of minor children and child or spousal support. If you and your spouse agree on all of these matters, you may be able to have a judgment entered by consent. If not, your attorney or the court may suggest mediation. If mediation isn't' an option, the court will set a trial for disputed matters.

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