Reckless Conduct


Reckless Conduct in New Hampshire

     As a criminal defense attorney will tell you, in the state of New Hampshire, Reckless Conduct refers to a variety of criminal offenses. According to New Hampshire's criminal code “A person is guilty of reckless conduct if he recklessly engages in conduct which places or may place another in danger of serious bodily injury” RSA 631:3, I. Based on the language of the statute, any dangerous action or behavior that is committed with a disregard for the safety and well-being of others can be punishable by law. Examples of these types of behaviors include:

  • Firing a gun into the air when you know there are people around;
  • Throwing rocks off of a bridge;
  • Driving through a crowd of people;
  • Intentionally running a red light;
  • Drinking and driving;
  • Allowing an underage child to stay home alone;
  • Speeding through a school zone;
  • Driving when you have been forbidden to do so by a doctor due to a medical illness;
  • Leaving recreational drugs in a place where they can be easily accessed by small children.

If you have been charged with Reckless Conduct, you should contact a defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Classifying Reckless Conduct

     In New Hampshire, Reckless Conduct is usually classified as a class A  misdemeanor. However, if the accused is accused of engaging in careless, dangerous behaviors while using a deadly weapon, the Reckless Conduct charge will be elevated to a class B felony.

Penalties for Reckless Conduct 

     A felony conviction for Reckless Conduct could result in a fine of up to $4000 and a prison sentence ranging from 3 ½ years to 7 years. Felony convictions become a part of your criminal record and can impact every area of your life.

     Persons who are convicted of misdemeanor Reckless Conduct could potentially face a fine of up to $2000 along with incarceration for a period of twelve months and probation. Misdemeanor conviction also can also impact a person's ability to obtain any form of employment in the future that requires that a person obtain a security clearance.

     A Reckless Conduct charge should always be taken seriously, even if it is a misdemeanor. Most people who are charged with a felony take their case very seriously and seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer immediately. However, many people do not take misdemeanor charges seriously because they assume that the penalties will not be severe enough to warrant concern. Any person who is charged with a criminal offense should consult with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after the commencement of the action. If you have been charged with misdemeanor Reckless Conduct, an attorney can evaluate your case and help you determine how to best proceed.

Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney

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