Burglary in New Hampshire


     In spite of the common perception, you don't have to be a professional thief who sneaks on to someone's property in order to be charged with burglary. Essentially, burglary consists of walking into a building or residence without permission for the purpose of committing a crime. You can be charged with burglary even if you don't plan on stealing anything. A person who walks into a place without consent and with the intent to commit assault, murder, or rape can also face burglary charges.

     The facts, evidence, and defenses applicable to each burglary case can be quite different. To develop a comprehensive understanding of burglary and the potential consequences of getting charged with the crime, it is advisable to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. Consulting with a criminal defense lawyer who possesses exceptional litigation skills can improve the chances of successfully fighting the charges.

Punishment for Burglary

     Burglary is a class A felony if it is committed at night. A conviction could result in a maximum 15-year prison sentence. If the burglary occurs during the day, it is classified as a class B felony punishable up to 7 years in prison.

     The sooner you obtain a criminal defense lawyer, the better off you will be. Your attorney will gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and exploit weaknesses in the prosecutor's case. An experienced lawyer can use negotiation skills to get the charges and the sentence reduced. Retaining an attorney who is able to build a strong defensive strategy can greatly influence the final outcome of the case.

Assistance from a Defense Lawyer

     If you are facing burglary charges, you should schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer. The Law Office of Chadwick-Fricano-Weber is dedicated to protecting the rights of people who are charged with criminal offenses. Our criminal defense attorneys will perform a thorough evaluation of your case and explain your options. Call the office today at (603) 880-6100.